Get some male massage techniques and procedures

Massage is an important and healthy procedure which helps the people refreshes their energies. Not only does it help to let out the emotions, but also benefits the person physically. Typical male massage for more or less one hour can help the person reach physical and mental satisfaction eventually. Now, there are different forms of massages involving different techniques. Check out this article to know more.

Different male massage procedures and techniques

Male massage involves a male masseur and a male/female client. The masseur here uses different techniques to massage his clients. The massage procedure initially starts with a head massage and eventually proceeds to the whole rubdown of the body. The head massage is followed by leg and foot massage. Then comes the thigh, neck, shoulder and back massages. Back massage is the most important part and accounts for 2/3rd of the whole massage course. But it shouldn’t mean other body parts are to be neglected. A good masseur must take care of the whole body and provide massage as per customer’s need.

Sensual massage

Male massage also involves erotic massage, which depends on the client’s request. Erotic massage by male masseurs is generally given to arouse the client and give him sexual pleasure. Erotic massage involves massaging a male, female or a couple to help them reach orgasm. In this kind of massage, the masseur is allowed to play with the client’s sensual part in an intention to trigger sexual feelings. Along with receiving physical pleasure, the client gets sexually satisfied at the end. This category includes male to male, male to female or male to couple massaging. The masseur may stay naked or dressed depending on the client’s choice. Also, how much sensual pleasure the masseur should provide depends on the client.

Bangkok Male Massage

Male massage types

There are several types of massages like deep tissue and trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, myofascial release, sports massage, reiki, reflexology, shiatsu, lymphatic massage, heated stone massage, craniosacral therapy, Rolfing, ayurvedic massage, ashiatsu, aquatic bodywork, biodynamic massage, indigenous massage, etc. All these massages are aimed to provide healthy muscle and build an effective circulatory system. All these massages have medical benefits of their own.

Male massage provides mental and physical satisfaction to the client. Generally, they last for sixty to ninety minutes long. However, on special request, the time may be decreased or increased. The ultimate aim of the male massage in Bangkok is to make the customer relaxed, and help him to unload his emotions.